To The One I Love

November 10, 2010

And I’m the one left standing
In complete and total awe –
Of this delightful creature
Enough to drop my jaw.

He smiles as if a secret-
He laughs as if in jest-
And when he looks at me
He ignores all the rest.

I will not share his secrets-
Though not at all for shame.
For he is not a product
Of his given name.

He is that which binds me-
And keeps me to this ground-
And that which also frees me
And let’s me leave this ground.

You see he is my Lover-
My best confidant and friend.
He’s the place I long for-
At each weekly day’s end.

I’m reminded of my surroundings-
I’m stolen away by time-
I sometimes forget he’s the reason
Behind my woven rhyme.

My Muse is not perfect.
He has his ups and downs.
He’s blinded at times with anger-
And sometimes wears a frown.

But he is my given solace-
Not my ending but my start-
He is my blessed future-
And he’s always got my Heart.

-Tabitha Castillo


Our Gift To God

July 8, 2009

A calm wind’s gentle whisper on the dimmest seeming night –

A smile seeking stranger during an inner winless fight –

These are the ways my Lord speaks to me when I don’t think there’s a way –

When my whole Life’s left in peril and I can’t face another day.


For when the Earth seems it’s meanest and when Time seems to flee –

When the day is it’s darkest and when there is no “right place” to be –

When you hang your head shameful – As if pity is an Art –

That’s when you need to hand over everything and let God heal your Heart.


When I can’t look myself in the eye for all the times I dare –

When I think that Life would be more simple without my being there –

And when I can’t bring myself to believe the thought that He Loves me.

That’s when God open’s my eyes and allows me to see –


That we are all the paint brush in His mighty hand –

Meant to paint a picture of Mercy for all our fellow man.

Spreading imperfect kindness in an ever changing time –

No, we are not forsaken by this God of mine.


And so I end with saying, in words both tried and true –

In words that ring with Honesty to calm and comfort you.

A little single simple fact that many might find to be odd–

“What we are is God’s gift to us – What we become is our gift to God.”


– Tabitha Castillo


For He’s The One I Search The Night

June 17, 2009

For he’s the one I search the night –
The one my passions hold.
The one to silence sighs of scorn –
The one that keeps me bold.

Time can tick a thousand chimes –
And all the more shall bring –
The countless hours countless times –
I miss him above everything.

For morning’s deepest sorrow yet –
Is not farewell to day-
Its waking up to a lack of him.
To never know of this I pray.

For he’s the one I’ve searched for –
And with him I am found.
My Life, My Love, My Hero –
My Angel on solid ground.

-Tabitha Castillo


Winds of Change

April 1, 2009

The Winds of Change are blowing
In every direction they flow.
With weary whispers tracing –
To places you never thought you’d go.

Though the same sun keeps on shining
Though a new moon shows its face –
Though your feet stay firmly planted –
In the exact same – changing place.

The days of old todays are going.
Because tomorrows are on their way.
They cannot stop and change their path –
Though you would bid them stay.

Don’t appoint your wasted tears –
For things that never last.
For the Winds of Change still blowing –
Are blowing –
Keep blowing –
The winds Of Change now blowing –
Blowing away the past.

– Tabitha Castillo


The Comforts Of God’s Love

February 6, 2009

Like smooth summer rain –
Sunshine on my window pane –
A cool cup of tea on a working day –
Watching the sun on colored glass play.
Like fresh tortillas in the early morning
What a day to hear my mom humming.
A warm bath or a cool breeze.
How your Love sets my mind at ease.

Speaking words you couldn’t seem to find.
Finding solace in the beats of a rhyme.
Like a hug on a not-so-good day.
The way a smile can take your worries away.
A brand new day when there seemed no hope.
The triumph of helping a Loved one cope.
Like a tossing boat finding peaceful seas-
I remember God, you’ve not forgotten me.

The smell of your home when you’ve been gone –
The pride in finding a raging Hope won.
Like a card in the mail from someone you knew.
The care in knowing someone thought of you.
A waiting friend on a very late start.
I know that you always have me in your Heart.
When I find these little things I know that it’s true-
Help this Loved friend of mine remember that too.

-Tabitha Castillo


I Need More

January 28, 2009

The below piece was written for a friend of mine. She was looking for the perfect song lyrics to say what she wanted, but we were not able to find anything exact.


I need more then you are giving me
And much more then you can say.
I need to have so much more of you-
Enough to make me stay.
I seek time where Love can find you-
And peace to keep me here.
I seek words to put to your actions-
I seek Faith to put out Fear.
Actions speak volumes though-
You won’t say the words.
My Heart was placed long ago-
And what you won’t say hurts.
You are so close now to losing me-
And there will be nothing left to do.
Then to turn around and walk away-
From the man I thought I knew.


-Tabitha Castillo


In My Eyes

January 28, 2009

In my eyes you are a man trying to better himself.
In my eyes you are so strong.
In these eyes your imperfections are the workings of God.
My eyes are not virtuous and they do not see well these days,
But in my eyes your uncertainties are unfounded.
I see the things you think you’ve failed at and –
Recognize just how much you’ve risen past it all!
My belief in you is unworldly –
Because you are a phoenix in my eyes!
Capable of rising beyond scorching flames.
You’ve been the hero in my eyes –
And I long to be the hero that saves you from your inner turmoil.
I am happiest when I am in your eyes –
And rejoice when you can be found in mine.
My eyes are not special –
They see nothing that another person would not see.
But my eyes read the volumes kept in yours
And know, that though my eyes can’t see the future –
I don’t need to see to know I want you in mine.

– Tabitha Castillo