From The Confines Of My Sleepy Mind

September 8, 2008

The sky will cry the saddest tears
Is there no way to repent
And hide all my inequities?
They are mine here
And a part of me.
In this forsaken state of self.
God save me from my mind
It keeps me thinking all the time
That I am here and I’m alone.
Both surrounded by people
And surrounded by me
I am all that I pretend to be.
It is you my Love and light
That I have yet the chance to sight.
So for tonight sleep tight and hold my hand
In darkness
That true Love may find us in
The sweet dreams of promises
I make myself.
For night is my Mistress
And you are my Lord
In this bitter sweet union
The two of us have yet to meet.
I give you Life through my words
Meaning through my sighs.
The grey of doubt should never brush my eyes.
For I believe that though I am alone
In my island by the Sea
Has never been my forte.
Only lies can save me from myself
In this state of dead night
For I will cry till it is day
And another dream can hold me.

Tabitha Castillo


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