He Can Only Hold Her

September 8, 2008

Loneliness brushes the swell of her lips
But he can only hold her
Reaching for something gone and amiss
Absence himself adores her
His words alone can stroke her heart
A cradle for the broken fray
They whisper secrets to her soul
And get her through the day.
Trailing to what they cannot avoid
The bridges he burnt before her
Seeking a path not leading astray
But he can only hold her.
She needs to see that he can stand
Before the tides that lap him
Believe that what he before once did
He’ll never again let happen.
Embracing the confides of her skin
His kisses numb her shoulder
He’ll try his best to pretend to change,
But He can only hold Her.
As If caressing touch can rub away
The lack of Love with Solace
And pacifier the weaning needs
That gape with seamless callous
He’ll shadow what he thinks needs
To project and show and be
A fading heart he finds still bleeds,
But He can only hold Me.

– Tabitha Castillo


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