Ice Queen

September 8, 2008

To those I hurt.Scribble, scrabble of my dreams.
Every word’s not what it seems.
Words you think, but never say.
But still wish when night is day.
Crazy thoughts I’d never do,
Yet still dream and wish were true.
Forced to live and die the same.
To want the treasure I can’t claim.
Born to death. Makes you cry.
Fail to do, but yearn to try.
Like the petals of a rose.
that the winter’s bite has froze.
Wants to love, but made to hurt.
Pain to those who do assert. One who’s blood
Flows and streams to the frozen heart beating.
Chiseled life. Red of tone.
Frozen semi-precious stone.
I say the words i do not mean.
Brought to your knees by the Ice Queen.

– Tabitha Castillo



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