Melodic Serenity

September 8, 2008

Play me a song to soothe my troubled heart.
Let the melody consume my worry ridden thoughts.
May all who hear it find comfort in the soft begotten melody be midst our conflicts
And know not trouble in the score.
When I find worry, hitting play on my music player sends me drifting to a world where
You and I can find Serenity in the Heaven driven ballads.
Please send Solace to all who hum the Harmony of a peaceful soul.
Bless the notes that bring Freedom and Hope to those in search for remedy of a heart scared with worries
And praise the instrument that brings tune to grant treasured release to the humbled.
Oh, sweet religion I find you in the folds of a song that rings sweet and true
Echoing that all will end fine and okay in the confines of my being.
I admit welcomed defeat to your melodic Serenity.Tabitha Castillo



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