My Eternal Hero

September 8, 2008

I wrote this for a person who decided he would be best out of my Life. Time has passed and needless to say scars were left. I am still very hurt and want to be angry. I have spun countless stories on why he had to leave me, though in my stories he never does this willingly. I am a whirlwind of emotions.




You have become a creature of my memories.
In my head I have killed you a thousand times
Each time more elaborate then the last
And every time ending with you not wanting to leave me.
But you do
Creep into my sentences like monsters to a child’s closet
Your departure has become my boogie-man.
My greatest lesson among my greatest loss.
I both despise and worship you.
You are like salt water to the thirsty and wine to the gracious.
I despise you for a million reasons and Love you for more.
Stay and haunt my dreams
And I will be blessed a blossoming masochist.



Tabitha Castillo



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