My Missing Piece

September 8, 2008

 I like a man who waking in the mid of night still reaching with a flexed arm recently amputated.
So do I in the mid of day face the sudden remembrance of your absence.
Do you like the arm newly liberated from my familiar body still twitch unaccustomed to being parted from me?
Are the nerves you have now recognized as those that give you movement strong enough to with stand a grip without me?
And I, a stump of a person without you, do I have it within me to be cauterized closed to stop the leaking of crimson tears?
Finalizing the idea that you and I can never again be stitched together in a seamless union just us two.
Something I can’t afford giving up fathoming just yet.
Or perhaps you are the leg that, although one of two right legs, I have grown accustomed to dancing with.
Of coarse pseudo legs are always available a practical solution would it not be for your company in roller skating for cookies.
In truth you are my rock.
Though you doubt sometimes if you are strong enough to withstand the storms and winds of your Life
You have always been the support in mine.
It is now that I realize how much you have changed-chiseled my Life for the better.
I ask a greater power for another chance to be a stone worthy for your hold.
AJ you have always been needed.
I tell you now…. You are Loved by me.

Tabitha Castillo











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