Ode To Anti-Depressants

September 8, 2008

Dull multi colored pearls of youth.
Are you to become me?
I thought that all the little things made me who I am
When even my right arm finds me impossible
Where else do I turn?
The night turns a new moon and I am alone again.
In the morning you will run fast and smooth through my veins.
A birth of a new me
The one that everyone wants me to be
Will I still be alone with you?
Can I still be me with you?
My union with you will be the end of all that I believe to be right.
In your tame, cleaver, prescribed embrace-
Will I still be able to find my light?
I’ve lost my tether to the round
And here I was thinking I was meant to be free of Gravity.
My family wants me weighted
And so it is with a deep cup of water and toast,
That I will say goodbye to me forever more.Tabitha Castillo



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