Shadow Of Doubt: Broken Promises

September 8, 2008

I think that there is a point in every person’s Life where yo come to he realization that ‘pinky promises’ can be broken and often are. You come to a hard realization that the world isn’t black and white and despite you trying to cling to your childhood idealism, the world isn’t fair. For some this comes early….

You’re the beacon of Truth to my midnight Life.
Lighthouse to my ocean of doubt.
And though it’s not fair,
I fear that the last shred of what I now believe to be a naive Hope
For the goodness in mankind,
Lies in your promise
Of a different tomorrow.
Eggs in a basket is a weak metaphor
For the world you’ve taken responsibility for.
And if nothing else
You worded my demise beautifully.
Childhood beliefs die
In a swift crash
Echoed in the silent trembles
Rumbling through my Morals.
A new Life of well engraved cynicism.
Branded doubt.
Shadowed Happily-Ever-After.
I’m grabbing at the last traces of you.
Gapping adulthood.
Teach me to be….

Tabitha Castillo


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