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I Speak To Dark

October 28, 2008
My dark and decrepit friend

Shall I sing you a lullaby of New Hope?

Your tattered dreams –

Have taken a beating by unkind hearts.

Could you hold to my promises?

My words would make you sway to –

Rhythms of a cherished hymn long forgotten

Should you only let them.

Serenity is my making

Though you doubt it so

Our minds are alike across parallel.

Distance from here to there

Is not measured by miles

But by how far the breach you are willing to try.

The idea of “us” never belonged to me

It belonged to you from the first gelatinous poke.

I could lose myself in the image of sharing it.

Both Shadow and Light

A box containing two

Twilight and Dawn.

Together “we” could break the Morning –

That all have come to know.


– Tabitha Castillo


Fickle Love

October 15, 2008

What a tattered beaten fray you are

My dear so close and yet so far.

What cloak of blind self confidence?

What manner? What pretence?

Cherish you your sullen hope?

Your brow a blush to be.

A web of certain grasp.

You strike with fatal certainty.

Be kind to me when you mar my Hope

And kill and aim to strike.

For I can never be the one

To survive such a deprived Life.

Have you the mind to end me now-

With illusions of Happiness so fair?

For I find it hard to tread a step

For I was injured there.

I’ve seen your vengeful face you know

It’s seared in the spot that’s healing.

There kept untouched in Heart

I visit often the feeling.

When I kneel beside it scar

I shed a sigh for I know

That buried deep inside myself

The seeds your existence left grow.

-Tabitha Castillo


Mourning The Night

October 9, 2008

For he is the guardian of the night

And I keep his sun.

Together -yet apart

We are always one.

My dark brings him radiance.

His dark my shine.

But-oh- what a union

Were we both combined.

My touch to his touch

Shall never join might.

A restless and hopeless union

Mourning the Night….


-Tabitha Castillo


A Walk With God

October 6, 2008

I found God among the silence of a long afternoon.

He was sitting in the sunshine and humming a little tune.

He said “Seek me when you’re tired and give thanks for what you have.

Seek me when your lonely and seek me when your sad.

My dear child,” God said to me in the breeze.

“My way is not always an easy way but Grace does not come with ease.

Though you doubt your worth always and try to pick at broken seams

I made you very different and I’ll tell you what this means.

I made you full of Life with a Heart to feel Love and Pain.

I made you to show Mercy even where Mercy’s received in vain.

I made you so that your smile could brighten another’s day.

I gave you the gift of forgiveness to show others along the way.

The path that I’ve made for you is one of Joy and Strife.

With choices that I’ve left you and opportunities in your Life.

I know sometimes you forget me or you think that I’m not there

But remember you’re my child and I made you strong enough to bare-

All the pains that plague you and all the Fear and doubts.

You are strong enough to face them to live Life and push them out.

Remember that you are wonderful I try to show you everyday

With little things that matter and better things along the way.

Help others who are around you and touch as far as you can

Because Life is sometimes lonely with your neighbor you can stand.

Remember you are my child and you’ll know this much is true

I’m with you in every walk you take and everything you do.”


Tabitha Castillo


Distance of Doubt

October 6, 2008

Gaps and Canyons breach abound

Spitting syllables, but not making a sound.


Grasping to what might not be

A layer of deception stemming from me.


Past meets future – a caving parallel

The Heaven of hoping a journey from Hell….


I don’t want to change you; I need to see

That somewhere in someone is the person for me.


And he will Love me no matter how far-

Or how close my mind takes me and Love all my scars.


Speak to me Solace and paint me a day-

Where echoes of twilight can shimmer away-


The doubts that still haunt me though your Heart is here

To shelter my prayers and withstand my Fear….

Tabitha Castillo