I Speak To Dark

October 28, 2008
My dark and decrepit friend

Shall I sing you a lullaby of New Hope?

Your tattered dreams –

Have taken a beating by unkind hearts.

Could you hold to my promises?

My words would make you sway to –

Rhythms of a cherished hymn long forgotten

Should you only let them.

Serenity is my making

Though you doubt it so

Our minds are alike across parallel.

Distance from here to there

Is not measured by miles

But by how far the breach you are willing to try.

The idea of “us” never belonged to me

It belonged to you from the first gelatinous poke.

I could lose myself in the image of sharing it.

Both Shadow and Light

A box containing two

Twilight and Dawn.

Together “we” could break the Morning –

That all have come to know.


– Tabitha Castillo



  1. Oh my god, this, and all of your poems, are so beautiful!

  2. Thanks darkchick2008 for taking a few to read through my page 🙂 I am happy you enjoyed it!

    – Tabby

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