Written In The Stars

January 1, 2009

Found this recently in my old high school belongings. Thought that I would share 🙂


100 billion of them up there
All shining in the sky,
But all I have is one wish
You know exactly why.

You’ve watched me. Seen me closely-
Even though you are so far.
You saw me when I met him-
Oh, shining wishing star.

You’ve seen beneath my mask now
And though he doesn’t know
You see the scars are written-
On what I never show.

You’ve seen the many reasons
That I choose to hide
You’ve seen me outside wishing
You’ve seen my inside pride.

I wish that when it’s night-time,
He’ll see and then he’ll know.
He’ll see what I have written-
On starry moonlight glow.

– Tabitha Castillo


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