I Need More

January 28, 2009

The below piece was written for a friend of mine. She was looking for the perfect song lyrics to say what she wanted, but we were not able to find anything exact.


I need more then you are giving me
And much more then you can say.
I need to have so much more of you-
Enough to make me stay.
I seek time where Love can find you-
And peace to keep me here.
I seek words to put to your actions-
I seek Faith to put out Fear.
Actions speak volumes though-
You won’t say the words.
My Heart was placed long ago-
And what you won’t say hurts.
You are so close now to losing me-
And there will be nothing left to do.
Then to turn around and walk away-
From the man I thought I knew.


-Tabitha Castillo



  1. :: needs more cowbell:: j/k. you’re so talented 🙂

  2. Thank you Mr jTerrell 🙂 This means a lot coming from a talented man like yourself 🙂 http://j-terrell.com/

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