In My Eyes

January 28, 2009

In my eyes you are a man trying to better himself.
In my eyes you are so strong.
In these eyes your imperfections are the workings of God.
My eyes are not virtuous and they do not see well these days,
But in my eyes your uncertainties are unfounded.
I see the things you think you’ve failed at and –
Recognize just how much you’ve risen past it all!
My belief in you is unworldly –
Because you are a phoenix in my eyes!
Capable of rising beyond scorching flames.
You’ve been the hero in my eyes –
And I long to be the hero that saves you from your inner turmoil.
I am happiest when I am in your eyes –
And rejoice when you can be found in mine.
My eyes are not special –
They see nothing that another person would not see.
But my eyes read the volumes kept in yours
And know, that though my eyes can’t see the future –
I don’t need to see to know I want you in mine.

– Tabitha Castillo


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