The Comforts Of God’s Love

February 6, 2009

Like smooth summer rain –
Sunshine on my window pane –
A cool cup of tea on a working day –
Watching the sun on colored glass play.
Like fresh tortillas in the early morning
What a day to hear my mom humming.
A warm bath or a cool breeze.
How your Love sets my mind at ease.

Speaking words you couldn’t seem to find.
Finding solace in the beats of a rhyme.
Like a hug on a not-so-good day.
The way a smile can take your worries away.
A brand new day when there seemed no hope.
The triumph of helping a Loved one cope.
Like a tossing boat finding peaceful seas-
I remember God, you’ve not forgotten me.

The smell of your home when you’ve been gone –
The pride in finding a raging Hope won.
Like a card in the mail from someone you knew.
The care in knowing someone thought of you.
A waiting friend on a very late start.
I know that you always have me in your Heart.
When I find these little things I know that it’s true-
Help this Loved friend of mine remember that too.

-Tabitha Castillo


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  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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