To The One I Love

November 10, 2010

And I’m the one left standing
In complete and total awe –
Of this delightful creature
Enough to drop my jaw.

He smiles as if a secret-
He laughs as if in jest-
And when he looks at me
He ignores all the rest.

I will not share his secrets-
Though not at all for shame.
For he is not a product
Of his given name.

He is that which binds me-
And keeps me to this ground-
And that which also frees me
And let’s me leave this ground.

You see he is my Lover-
My best confidant and friend.
He’s the place I long for-
At each weekly day’s end.

I’m reminded of my surroundings-
I’m stolen away by time-
I sometimes forget he’s the reason
Behind my woven rhyme.

My Muse is not perfect.
He has his ups and downs.
He’s blinded at times with anger-
And sometimes wears a frown.

But he is my given solace-
Not my ending but my start-
He is my blessed future-
And he’s always got my Heart.

-Tabitha Castillo


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