Stone Cold Angel

January 22, 2009

Carved from stone by broken hands turned up towards Heaven.
Born of melted glass once hot with passion now cold and unforgiving.
Pedi stools are for masterpieces showing the vulnerability that this child does not permit himself.
God grant me the Love that I need to show him that each stroke,
Each curve and crack-
Is worthy of the greatest home.
Would that any other angel be as gloriously grounded-
Set with poor man’s treasures.
He has stood and braced many a storm-
Withered many a loss.
Together we make an unspeakable art.
An unmold-able-
Priceless craft.
Art made people should foresee the beauty of the Earth.
He belongs to himself and yet stays with me.
Solid gifted embrace….
My stone cold angel.

– Tabitha Castillo



January 1, 2009

I found this sample of my high school writing among some of my old belongings. Thought that I would share it (This is one of two I found written on the same piece of notebook paper. Cute, huh?). 🙂


How you hold me tightly….
Helpless beneath your grasp.
Sometimes I feel you’re seeing-
The face behind the mask.

You hold me though unknowing.
I sigh beneath your grip.
I long to kiss the softness-
Of every grasping tip.

The waves of time keep sending
The message to my brain.
I feel the every movement-
Of what I can’t obtain.

With every waking moment
Of being close and near,
I shed the signs of happiness,
With every falling tear.

– Tabitha Castillo


Written In The Stars

January 1, 2009

Found this recently in my old high school belongings. Thought that I would share 🙂


100 billion of them up there
All shining in the sky,
But all I have is one wish
You know exactly why.

You’ve watched me. Seen me closely-
Even though you are so far.
You saw me when I met him-
Oh, shining wishing star.

You’ve seen beneath my mask now
And though he doesn’t know
You see the scars are written-
On what I never show.

You’ve seen the many reasons
That I choose to hide
You’ve seen me outside wishing
You’ve seen my inside pride.

I wish that when it’s night-time,
He’ll see and then he’ll know.
He’ll see what I have written-
On starry moonlight glow.

– Tabitha Castillo


Makeshift Angel

December 5, 2008

He should not exist!
In so many ways his being here defies
Absolutely Everything!
And my cosmetic makeup should not draw him closer….
But everything about him amazes me
Borrowed time of a
A borrowed Angel.
His time with me is precious.
What a curious soul
Tilts his head in amusement.
His arms hold me to a Hope I should not nourish
Only a second-
Now released.
It is I that longs to be caught.
A gilded promise
From a Makeshift Angel.


– Tabitha Castillo



November 13, 2008

For you are more then a passing glance
More then an unreached shore.
More then happenstance.
Have your friendship but I want more.
I want all of your Tomorrows
And I want to share more of your Today’s
I want to cause the laughter
That brightens up your days.


– Tabitha Castillo


Urban Utopia

November 12, 2008

To the inhabitance of The Factory.

I can loose myself in your movement.
The freedom you emit is intoxicating
And the fumes of it threaten to swallow me whole.
Spinning and twirling me-
Feels like a fairyland.
Do I dare taste the drink of pixies?
Would I be yours to keep then?
Is it such a bad thing?
You grasp me with fixed eyes-
You mean to make a meal of me.
Hands motion me in and I come-
A willing follower to a mad pipers tune.
Vinyl spins and lights incapacitate me.
Your pale skin speaks of wonders-
Untold to my tan one.
Lips of red leak trails of crimson as you spin through the air.
The Heaven I work for holds a different kind of Glory then this.
A different type of Heaven.
In a place where color is stifled
Majestic shades of blacks dominate their bodies.
My white flower screams my novice.
Arms embrace…. A nymph’s dance.
A makeshift palace.
A refuge crypt.
This place does not mean to keep me
But woo me to return.
I’m released into the night
The air rapes my lungs.
I promise to return-
To a fairy’s calls.

Tabitha Castillo


I Speak To Dark

October 28, 2008
My dark and decrepit friend

Shall I sing you a lullaby of New Hope?

Your tattered dreams –

Have taken a beating by unkind hearts.

Could you hold to my promises?

My words would make you sway to –

Rhythms of a cherished hymn long forgotten

Should you only let them.

Serenity is my making

Though you doubt it so

Our minds are alike across parallel.

Distance from here to there

Is not measured by miles

But by how far the breach you are willing to try.

The idea of “us” never belonged to me

It belonged to you from the first gelatinous poke.

I could lose myself in the image of sharing it.

Both Shadow and Light

A box containing two

Twilight and Dawn.

Together “we” could break the Morning –

That all have come to know.


– Tabitha Castillo