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Our Gift To God

July 8, 2009

A calm wind’s gentle whisper on the dimmest seeming night –

A smile seeking stranger during an inner winless fight –

These are the ways my Lord speaks to me when I don’t think there’s a way –

When my whole Life’s left in peril and I can’t face another day.


For when the Earth seems it’s meanest and when Time seems to flee –

When the day is it’s darkest and when there is no “right place” to be –

When you hang your head shameful – As if pity is an Art –

That’s when you need to hand over everything and let God heal your Heart.


When I can’t look myself in the eye for all the times I dare –

When I think that Life would be more simple without my being there –

And when I can’t bring myself to believe the thought that He Loves me.

That’s when God open’s my eyes and allows me to see –


That we are all the paint brush in His mighty hand –

Meant to paint a picture of Mercy for all our fellow man.

Spreading imperfect kindness in an ever changing time –

No, we are not forsaken by this God of mine.


And so I end with saying, in words both tried and true –

In words that ring with Honesty to calm and comfort you.

A little single simple fact that many might find to be odd–

“What we are is God’s gift to us – What we become is our gift to God.”


– Tabitha Castillo